ThorPlas-Blue Deck Machinery

Ensuring reliable operation of all equipment installed above the waterline is a tough issue for any ship’s crew.  Deck machinery and steering gear bearings require frequent maintenance and grease lubrication.  If routine maintenance is delayed or greasing is overlooked, it has a high cost consequence for the ship owner—seized bearings can cause expensive rope replacement, safety issues as a result of manual greasing, and vibration causing damage to the piston and cylinders.

ThorPlas-Blue is a maintenance-free solution, eliminating a source of pollution.  The proprietary engineered thermoplastic bearing is capable of pressures up to 45MPa (6,527 psi); higher pressures may be possible with Thordon Engineering review.  ThorPlas-Blue can easily be back fit into virtually all applications where greased bronze is currently installed.  A stainless steel or non-corrosive mating surface should be used.

Typical ThorPlas-Blue Deck Equipment Maintenance Free Applications

  • Fairleads
  • Lifeboat davits and sheave bearings
  • Tiller arm and jockey bar bearings
  • Hydraulic steering gear self-aligning bearings
  • Pivot point bushings on embarkation and loading platforms
  • Cranes, hoists, and deck loading equipment
  • Winches
  • Watertight doors and hatches