THORDON Rudder Bearings Descriptions

THORDON SXL Rudder Bearings

THORDON SXL rudder bearings offer low friction, operating pressures up to 12 MPa (1,740 psi) and do not require grease or greasing systems. THORDON SXL can also withstand high shock loads and edge loading.

An impressive reference list of demanding, yet satisfied customers is available. THORDON SXL is recognized as the proven choice for value, guaranteed performance, and freedom from pollution concerns.

SXL Rudder Bearing Performance Guarantee
THORDON guarantees that SXL rudder bearings will meet Classification Society wear specifications for 15 years in all newbuild projects, or twice the life of the replaced non-THORDON bearing to a maximum of 10 years for repairs, or a new bearing will be supplied, free of charge.

High Performance THORDON Bearings & Seals
In addition to SXL rudder pintle, stock, and carrier disc bearings, SXL TRAXL or ThorPlas-Blue can be specified grease free in steering and linkage applications, as well as fin stabilizers. In workboat applications, ThorPlas-Blue is recommended for the more highly loaded bushings in the tiller arm and “jockey-bar” linkages. Both products operate grease free saving you time, money and the risk of pollution.

ThorPlas-Blue Steering & Linkage Bearings

ThorPlas-Blue is an engineered thermoplastic, for high pressure applications up to 45 MPa (6,527 psi).  It is capable of wet or dry operation and displays very low wear in non-abrasive environments.  This lifetime lubricated homogenous polymer never requires grease or oil lubrication.